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Over the last 20 years, with an increased reliance on the Internet, the creation of social media platforms, and the availability of new technology for photo and video editing, the visual component of public relations and marketing strategies has become more important. However, many businesses are failing to prioritize visuals, missing countless opportunities to incorporate multimedia for greater visibility.

Even though visuals are proven to have greater impact than text, many B2B companies mistakenly maintain multimedia-free marketing and public relations strategies, while there are consistently new ways to turn data and offerings into captivating visual components.

  • Big data and surveys: We know every single piece of data is important, but a graph, pie chart, or infographic of a few tangible takeaways is much more digestible. Of the following two options, which one gets your attention?



  • Social media: Businesses, journalists and bloggers scour social media sites for leads, services, partners and stories. According to Buffer Social, an added image increases engagement by two-fold, and is 1.5 times more likely to be retweeted. These are tangible steps towards standing out among Internet Live Stats’ measure of 500 million Tweets sent each day. Which of the following approaches would you choose?


  • Announcements: With hundreds of daily announcements, you can help your company’s news stand out with images and videos. For example, seeing and hearing your new president’s enthusiasm can humanize the company or seeing an individual vouch for your product can be a more engaging experience for a potential customer.

-Alaina Shulman

Photo from Flickr account Chris Piascik

Infographic from Gerardo Obieta