Why Should Brands Act Like Media Companies?


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Avoid Buzzwords in Business Communications: An Open Letter

Dear Communicators: We were chatting recently when we [...]

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Humor Offers Business Opportunities for B-to-B Firms

"Does humor belong in business communications? If you [...]

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Q&A with CEO, Alex Stanton: What career advice would he give to his younger self?

When Alex Stanton started his career in public relation [...]

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Brand New Look. Same Great Stanton Team.

You may have noticed a few changes around Stanton’s dig [...]

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Stanton Announces Agency Rebranding With Refined Name, New Graphic Identity

NEW YORK – February 14, 2017 – New York-based communica [...]

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Stanton PRM Wins 2015 MarCom Award

Stanton PRM was recently awarded a 2015 MarCom Award fo [...]

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Social Media Lessons from Hollywood: Part 1

If you’re looking for ways to improve your company’s so [...]

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At the End of the Day, Non-Essential Terminology is Ubiquitous Among Enterprise Paradigms (Translation: Business Jargon is Overused)

Is your company, product or service innovative, cutting [...]

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Catch the Reader’s Eye with Visual Content

Over the last 20 years, with an increased reliance on t [...]

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