Feb 16, 2017 Categories: Newsroom Tags: Branding, Marketing, PR

You may have noticed a few changes around Stanton’s digital space. We are happy to announce that the launch of our new website signifies that our brand refresh is now complete.

Over the past year, we have been hard at work behind the scenes redefining the Stanton brand to better communicate who we are and how we serve our clients. As anyone who has been through the process will tell you, a brand refresh is not a quick or easy task to accomplish. We rallied a team of smart, creative, and opinionated communications professionals around one clear and concise vision for the agency. We are very proud of the results and are excited to share with you our new look and direction.

We are the same great Stanton team you know, just with an updated look and feel.

So, What Changed?

Stanton Public Relations & Marketing will now be going by Stanton. Our new, streamlined name is reflected in a fresh and modernized logo, tagline, visual identity system, website and suite of corporate branded materials.

Stanton has a longstanding tradition of excellent client work in the financial services, private capital, professional services and technology sectors. And that high standard of service and expertise will never change.

Why the Brand Refresh?

As our capabilities have expanded over the years and the media landscape has evolved, we have found that the value we bring to our clients encompasses much more than traditional public relations and marketing services. We have shifted toward a more modern and integrated approach to communications and it was high time our brand identity more accurately reflected the agency’s contemporary point of view.

We draw from a variety of communications disciplines including media relations, financial communications, thought leadership, crisis and reputation management, social media, and digital marketing to create tailored strategies that generate meaningful business results for our clients. Our integrated approach can be summed up quite nicely in our new tagline, “Elevate Communications”.

Effective communications is a critical element of any successful business strategy. Our focus is on helping our clients elevate the impact their communications efforts have in their own organizations, with their target audiences and in the broader scope of their markets and industries.

We are not a brand new agency but our brand new look does better represent how we bring multiple disciplines and tactics together to help our clients take communications to the next level. We look forward to sharing more about our brand evolution and how we help elevate communications for our clients.