Avoid Buzzwords in Business Communications: An Open Letter

Avoid Buzzwords in Business Communications: An Open Letter

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Reshaping the News, One Email at a Time

It was in March when I decided to sign up for the daily [...]

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Trust and Transparency in the Journalism Industry? Challenge Accepted

Once a month Stanton holds an informal Lunch & Lear [...]

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Stanton Announces Agency Rebranding With Refined Name, New Graphic Identity

NEW YORK – February 14, 2017 – New York-based communica [...]

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2016: The Year “Alternative Facts” Was Born…

When I was a teenager in the early 1980s, everyone I kn [...]

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Make Sure PR Isn’t in Your Blindspot

A few weeks back an interesting story started to brew a [...]

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The Content Ripple Effect

As Jim Carrey presented a Golden Globe recently, he mad [...]

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Selling the Story

An ongoing challenge for communications professionals i [...]

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Is Facebook a Better Source for News Than Twitter?

When Facebook reported earnings last month one figure s [...]

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At the End of the Day, Non-Essential Terminology is Ubiquitous Among Enterprise Paradigms (Translation: Business Jargon is Overused)

Is your company, product or service innovative, cutting [...]

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