Lessons Learned in Tracking Media Coverage

Lessons Learned in Tracking Media Coverage

Stanton Wins 2018 Bulldog Award!

Stanton Wins 2018 Bulldog Award!

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Great Spokesperson? Watch Out!

Newly-minted White House Director of Communications, An [...]

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Reshaping the News, One Email at a Time

It was in March when I decided to sign up for the daily [...]

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2016: The Year “Alternative Facts” Was Born…

When I was a teenager in the early 1980s, everyone I kn [...]

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The Role of Fact-Checking in the Presidential Debates

Matt Lauer’s performance as moderator at NBC News’s “Co [...]

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When Tragedy Strikes and Your Brand’s a Casualty

It’s happened more often than you’d think… you spend mo [...]

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Trade-ing Up

As PR professionals, one thing we know is that all clie [...]

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When it Comes to News, Being “Interesting” Just Isn’t Enough

With the sheer number of channels at a communicator’s d [...]

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Selling the Story

An ongoing challenge for communications professionals i [...]

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