What’s the Purpose of B2B Companies? Consumers Increasingly Want to Know

akindo/Getty Images When the Edelman Earned Brand st [...]

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Snapchat: A new platform for B2B marketers

Since its release in September 2011, teenagers have mad [...]

The Year of the Career Reboot

It’s that time of year when 47%* of people are making N [...]

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Using B2C Lessons For Your B2B Campaigns

Most of the time, it’s relatively obvious if a brand be [...]

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Stanton VP discusses strategic communications for mid-market companies

Growth prospects for middle-market businesses are looki [...]

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The Client-Agency Relationship

Coming from a myriad of experiences with regard to educ [...]

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How to Ramp Up a Social Media Program

Social media has become an integral communications tool [...]

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