Dec 30, 2014 Categories: Public Relations & Marketing Tags: Communications, Media, Strategy

sponsored contentThat’s the result of a study where a majority of consumers said they do not trust sponsored content, and almost 60% indicated news organizations that ran branded content lost credibility. Additionally, two-thirds said they are less likely to click on a branded article than on a sites’ real editorial.

Many have derided sponsored content – stories paid for by advertisers that appear to be “real” journalism – because it blurs the line between advertising and editorial. Others have embraced its ability to supposedly engage readers and enhance a publication’s bottom line.

Turns out the critics may be right.

As you think about allocating your marketing resourses in 2015, consider the role public relations can play in helping connect with the audiences you are trying to reach. The bottom line is that using strategic PR to drive real editorial can go a lot further in building brand credibility than sponsored content or brand journalism.

-George Sopko

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