Jun 03, 2014 Categories: Social Media & Digital Communications Tags: Leadership, Strategy

online engagementBehind every company on the internet is its online ambassador: an individual (or many) who manages its digital presence. These ambassadors manage reputation, listen to customers, and establish brand recognition. They help companies gain access to real-time feedback, directly engage with stakeholders, and offer information about new or existing products.

However, too frequently organizations have trouble navigating all these demands. One approach is to consider this question:

When is the right time to engage with your audience?

Unless you are providing information or answering questions, the right time to engage is when you have something meaningful to say. Do your homework. Identify a point where you can add value to the conversation, whether it is about a product, service, or industry issue. Think of your audience. Will this conversation help readers to be well informed?

Social media engagement is a two way street — a balancing act — of inviting audience engagement while sharing unbiased industry knowledge. To have meaningful interactions, the distribution of thoughtful content is the framework for an effective social media presence.

Photo via Flickr account Rosaura Ochoa.