May 09, 2014 Categories: Public Relations & Marketing Tags: Advertising, Marketing, Media, Public Relations

mediumMarshall McLuhan famously said, “The medium is the message.”

It used to be that the medium was also a matter of deciding on a single approach, print or broadcast for a public relations campaign. Now, there are multiple media platforms and things change quickly. Businesses can’t afford to be uninformed about the options at hand. We know that not every channel makes sense for every client, but public relations professionals who are fully versed in the options can advise which ones to consider.

New advances in communications have brought marketing, pr and advertising together when they were once three very distinct industries. PR is now very much in tune with the marketing and branding of a corporate identity far beyond sending press releases. The best agencies are full-service ones: building websites, running a brand’s social media, distributing press and handling any crisis communications.

The full package makes for an appealing mix of media that can reach many audiences and allowing clients to deliver their message in many. Over time, this can help a company discover which avenues make the most sense…and possibly reach audiences they otherwise wouldn’t consider.

Photo via Flickr account Nick Page.