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networkingRelationships are the center of a successful business infrastructure. Our communications world and client relationships are changing quickly in light of social media and LinkedIn in particular serves as a great platform to showcase your company.

Companies can greatly benefit from using LinkedIn to establish ties that can possibly become longstanding and valuable connections. Below are two great ways to engage LinkedIn contacts:

    • Show off your business expertise…

It’s essential to showcase what your business has to offer. Use your page to tell other members what your company does best and give them compelling reasons to follow. Share industry news and the latest trends, in addition to sharing your company blog posts and case studies. LinkedIn promotes the top contributors in each group, and gives your content recognition which can help earn new connection requests and inquiries.

    • Join the party!

Another great way to establish your company as a trusted source is to take part in group discussions. According to LinkedIn, participants who comment on group discussions get four times the number of profile views. Identify groups of professionals on LinkedIn who are prospective clients or influencers in the industry. Follow the conversations and aim to answer questions that may arise from other members in your industry. LinkedIn also allows you to sponsor posts (pay to promote them to a larger audience), and you can target your recipients by location, industry, company size, even job title and age.

It is important for companies to utilize LinkedIn and use these communications strategies correctly in order to nourish a business through social media channels. LinkedIn offers numerous opportunities to increase your referrals, attract potential new business down the pipeline, boost credibility and highlight your services.

-Shannon Thornton

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