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thought leadership

Thought Leadership

Stanton identifies and articulates unique and compelling perspectives for clients that enhance reputations and establish credibility with target audiences. We help clients exhibit their knowledge and engagement on issues of larger market interest, and then leverage our media relationships to bring those insights to key audiences and the public at large.

Differentiate in the Marketplace of Ideas

In a competitive world, it is increasingly important to differentiate your organization by reinforcing valuable insights and perspectives in the “marketplace of ideas.” Stanton works closely with clients to create strategic thought leadership platforms that reinforce their brands.

When regulation, public policy or market dynamics pose a threat to your organization, you can’t afford to stay silent. We’ve worked with clients across many industries to help set agendas and influence outcomes on critical issues by questioning current thinking, proposing new solutions, and broadening the public debate. We also support legal teams and lobbying efforts through advocacy programs that include media, speaking directly to communities and influencers to generate grassroots and third party support, and engaging high-level decision-makers.


Key Deliverables

  • Thorough and focused platforms for the company and individual C-Suite leaders

  • Leverage longstanding relationships with appropriate trade, national and local market media

  • Customize angles, content and format to publications and reporters

  • Align with corporate messages to tell a story about the company that builds over time

  • Actively insert your company into the market dialogue a key player and expert resource