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social media and digital communications

Social Media & Digital Communications

Social media has opened up a world of new possibilities and we help our clients effectively engage in these new channels. We also protect and build clients’ brand presence by monitoring for issues and being “first on the scene” for both positive and negative conversations in the digital forum.

Get Strategic With Your Social Presence

At Stanton, we continually seek creative ways to help our clients connect with their key audiences via digital and social media. We take a thoughtful, strategic approach that leverages the power of these channels, while also managing the risks associated with this evolving landscape.

We always start with the client’s objectives, brand personality, culture and resources to plan  programs and determine which digital channels are appropriate. Whether engaging influential bloggers, creating a webinar, building online communities, or developing creative band extensions, we use social media and emerging interactive channels in a way that helps expand audience relationships and deliver real-world results.


Key Deliverables

  • Evaluation of competitor practices and plan creation

  • Custom programs that use social media to drive communication objectives

  • Social network profile and content management

  • Monitoring the online conversation to make informed, decisions on when and how to participate

  • Customize angles, content and format to publications and reporters