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Project Description

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Starting From Scratch


Nu Paradigm was a de novo investment firm being launched by two industry veterans. The founders had strong views on what was wrong with the way that existing firms were serving clients but needed help in bringing that message to the market, and engaged Stanton to do so.


Stanton was engaged for a comprehensive branding initiative that began with articulating the firm’s unique perspective in a way that would resonate with potential clients and generate positive attention. Stanton delivered a comprehensive brand platform that would guide the firm’s marketing communication.


Working from the logo and the brand positioning, Stanton was responsible for the creation of the firm’s web site. We managed the entire process, from concept and tone, to graphic look and imagery, to written content and actual coding of the site. The result was an on-time site launch that matched the personality of the firm and supported the founders’ marketing efforts out of the gate.

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