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Project Description

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Personalizing a Brand to Raise Awareness


Since its inception, The African Leadership Academy (ALA) has educated nearly 600 scholar-leaders from more than 45 different countries in Africa. While it is a well-known organization in Africa, it was less familiar in the U.S., even though many of its students attend top universities here. ALA needed to increase their visibility in the U.S. in order to reach schools that might be interested in partnerships, and increase potential philanthropic and donor opportunities.


Our strategy was to highlight ALA’s mission by focusing on specific individuals, including two Nigerian scholars and ALA graduates who were attending college in the U.S., and creating new initiatives to help young Nigerian women. Their success served as a powerful example of what could be accomplished when educational resources are made available.


By “putting a face” on ALA’s story and creating a positive narrative, we were able to generate an inspirational feature in The Washington Post that appeared online and in print. The article resulted in important attention for the organization and played a significant role in expanding awareness of ALA’s reputation and work in the U.S.

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