Moving Ahead a President’s Agenda 2018-05-10T15:07:01-05:00

Project Description

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Moving Ahead a President’s Agenda


Drexel University called on Stanton to help raise the executive profile of President John Fry and the unique, business-oriented initiatives he was leading, including his economic development initiative, a co-operative education model, and a new school of entrepreneurship.


While initially more of a dream than reality, Stanton began laying the foundation for a long-lead feature piece. We engaged with New York Times reporter Jon Hurdle, building interest and a relationship over months of conversations and an in-person meeting/tour with Fry. We also conducted further outreach to local and education-focused publications.


Our proactive media relations program where Fry was positioned as an innovative leader led to top-tier mainstream and educational media interviews resulted in important feature visibility opportunities with The New York Times, Chronicle of Higher Education, The Presidency, and Inside Higher Ed, among others.