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Project Description

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Launching a Unique New Insurer


Fidelis was readying itself to launch and wanted to make a big splash with key insurance, financial and business media. Their goal was to convey their unique business model and avoid any negative perceptions that could emerge from their hedging strategy. Stanton was asked to generate a high quality media placement that would satisfy the company and investors, who were actively involved in the launch.


Since Fidelis would be investing in hedge funds, there was a risk that a reporter could write from that angle as hedge funds were experiencing significant challenges at the time, making Fidelis more of an afterthought. We leveraged our strong relationship with a Wall Street Journal business editor to secure an interview between WSJ’s lead insurance reporter and Fidelis’ CEO. We also invited a hedge fund reporter to join the interview to ensure that aspect of the business would be accurately reported without prompting a separate piece.


While Fidelis was one of the largest new insurance businesses launched in recent years, securing the right coverage proved to be quite a challenge. However, by understanding the risks involved and leveraging strong media relationships, Stanton was able to secure a feature in Fidelis’ preferred target, The Wall Street Journal. The placement demonstrated how working around given risks, having the right relationships, navigating the media environment strategically and selecting the right reporter are critical for a successful placement.

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