Increasing the Visibility of a Technology Leader 2018-05-10T15:14:48-05:00

Project Description

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Increasing the Visibility of a Technology Leader


CoreOS, a designer of open-source IT infrastructure for enterprise companies, was a startup entering the emerging “container technology” business. The company wanted visibility in the larger business world of its customers and potential customers.


We worked to develop story angles that would go beyond the software development audience to interest top-tier business media. We also reached out to business conferences and submitted CoreOS for awards with enterprise visibility.


In addition to getting coverage in venues like The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business, NPR Radio, American Banker, Dow Jones Venture Wire, and CIO Magazine (in addition to business tech blogs), we secured speaking engagements at events including American Banker CyberSec and they received a Stevie American Business Award for “Technical Innovation of the Year (At Organizations With Up to 100 Employees)”.