Building Reputation With Global Investors 2018-05-10T15:15:03-05:00

Project Description

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Building Reputation With Global Investors


Makena Capital manages more than $18 billion in a private, endowment-style investment fund for large institutional investors including private and public pensions. As a global, multi-asset class investor, Makena has a comprehensive view of markets worldwide and wanted to generate greater awareness of this expert knowledge through quality media coverage that connected with its institutional audience.


In addition to being quoted in major business media (e.g. Wall Street Journal), Stanton sought out larger and more in-depth opportunities where spokespeople could go into detail about the challenges its investors face, and differentiate through thought leadership.


Leveraging content from the firm’s investor communications, Stanton developed an article providing an in-depth view of investment opportunities in Emerging Markets, such as India, Turkey and Indonesia. We secured publication in Pensions & Investments, a leading media outlet read by Chief Investment Officers and Investment Committee members. The article was widely read and prompted dozens of responses from current and prospective Makena investors in the US, Europe and Asia.