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Project Description

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Building a Healthcare Partner Brand


Health Advocate, a patient advocacy company, was created to intervene on behalf of employees to help them navigate the complex world of managed healthcare and hospital bills. However, to help build the credibility of their cost-effective health insurance solutions they needed to have a strong presence in the media.


Stanton developed a proactive media relations initiative targeting print, online, radio and broadcast media and aimed at reaching health professionals, HR managers, financial decision makers and consumers. By creating strategic pitches that highlighted Health Advocate’s position as the leading resource for an industry-wide problem, we shaped a broad interest in the issue.


Our efforts were successful in positioning Health Advocate as a positive resource for employers, employees and consumers, stimulating new business in Health Advocate’s primary customer markets. Health Advocate received coverage in trade and national media including Managed Care, Modern Healthcare, Employee Benefit News Magazine, The Wall Street Journal , Smart Money, and major market media.

Health Advocate Case Study