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Financial Services & Insurance

Over the past 10 years, Stanton has worked with a wide variety of firms in financial services and insurance, helping raise their profiles, build their reputations, and grow their businesses. From banks and brokerages, fraud prevention, and risk management to insurance and reinsurance, and fintech, our work has been instrumental in building recognition and securing a leadership position for our clients.

Key to our success is our in-depth understanding of clients’ complex business opportunities and challenges within the context of the ever-evolving financial services environment. This has not only allowed us to build strong relationships and credibility with leading media and conference organizers, but also to leverage those connections to create powerful visibility opportunities for our clients.

Stanton plays an active role in supporting these clients’ marketing needs, developing strategies that clearly articulate and drive external awareness of client brands, and executing marketing plans to targeted audiences.

Whether it’s developing industry roundtables, creating thought leadership content, or managing conference programs, we know how to impact the key influencers and decision makers that financial services and insurance companies must reach.