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financial communications

Financial Public Relations

Stanton’s financial communications pedigree enables us to meet the marketplace demands of a wide variety of clients, both public and private. We know and understand target audiences’ diverse perspectives and build financial communications and investor relations programs with their needs and biases in mind.

Communications Strategies Tailored to Every Stakeholder

We are adept at creating relevant and effective messages, and finding the best means to communicate with investors, analysts, media, employees, communities, customers, suppliers and regulators. We also counsel clients on communicating the financial aspects of new business initiatives and strategies.

When it comes to corporate transactions, our experience is unmatched, managing more than 50 transactions each year, including mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, bankruptcies and funding announcements, as well as internal integration processes. We help our clients navigate sensitive issues around these major events and facilitate the next chapter of an organization’s evolution.


Key Deliverables

  • Annual shareholder meetings

  • Analyst briefings and tours

  • Conference call preparation and follow-up

  • Corporate presentations and preparation

  • Investor kits

  • Peer group monitoring

  • Shareholder and investor letters

  • Website content creation and management

  • Merger & acquisition management

  • Fund launches