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executive visibility

Executive Visibility & Training

The success and influence of a campaign or organization is often a product of the credibility and visibility of its leadership. We develop programs and execute strategies that help best position organizations and individuals as leading voices on significant issues in their industries and the broader business world.

An Active Leader is an Influential One

Stanton recognizes the importance of acting early and being persistent on behalf of clients to compete for the best and most coveted speaking slots often filled months in advance. We have developed strong relationship with many content organizers with whom we work closely not just to secure opportunities, but also to shape meeting agendas with topics tailored to our clients’ brands and business goals. We also proactively work with clients to repurpose presentation content and materials into other vehicles for visibility, including byline articles, blog posts, media interviews, webinars, editorial board briefings and desk-side briefings.

Media interaction and public speaking do not come naturally to everyone. Stanton has a comprehensive spokesperson training process in both half- and full-day formats to educate and prepare for both speaking opportunities and media interviews. Our training focuses on maintaining clear, succinct and effective communication under a variety of circumstances ranging from phone interviews and informal briefings to live TV broadcasts, on-air radio, podcast recordings, on-camera appearances and keynote addresses. Our program is customizable to address the needs of individual CEOs and senior officers, third party experts, celebrity spokespeople and technical staff.


Key Deliverables

  • Secure high-quality speaking opportunities that build relationships with influencers and decision-makers

  • Craft custom speaking proposals

  • Work with executives and spokespeople to develop interesting, newsworthy and relevant content

  • Develop presentations to reinforce brand positioning, and effectively communicate key messages about new initiatives and company vision

  • Repurpose content to maximize the reach of key messages

  • Training to build confidence and enhance presentation and interview skills