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content marketing

Content Marketing

Integrating all aspects of marketing communications, not just public relations, ensures seamless inclusion of corporate messages across all channels for truly comprehensive communications programs that support strategic objectives.

Maximize Your Impact

In addition to mainstream public relations disciplines, Stanton supports clients’ broader marketing communications efforts through content development and design. We have managed a wide variety of marketing initiatives including advertising and direct marketing, brochure and other collateral development, and website creation. We take a flexible approach and are equally comfortable leading projects or collaborating with clients’ existing internal and external creative resources.

Stanton works across the spectrum of marketing communications — not just public relations — to build high-impact programs that align with long-term strategic objectives and address immediate needs. Our strategic marketing approach is focused on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content, with consistent brand messaging, to attract and retain key audiences. Repurposing key messages into a variety of functional forms and across channels is the key to reaching more people and maximizing efficiency.


Key Deliverables

  • Multichannel content marketing strategies

  • Collateral development and design

  • Advertising and direct marketing

  • Website development

  • Email campaigns

  • Blog, video, and other digital content