What’s the Purpose of B2B Companies? Consumers Increasingly Want to Know

akindo/Getty Images When the Edelman Earned Brand st [...]

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Why Communicators Shouldn’t Abandon Long-Form Content

In the last decade, we’ve seen a surge in tweets, soun [...]

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Humor Offers Business Opportunities for B-to-B Firms

"Does humor belong in business communications? If you [...]

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Evolving Audience Behaviors – Are You Keeping Up?

On February 9th, PyeongChang, South Korea will step int [...]

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Telling Retail’s Story

Conducting communications for retail businesses has alw [...]

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On “Thought” and “Leadership”

Thought leadership (you may want to add the adjective “ [...]

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The Uphill Communications Battle on the Road to Rio

“…Try as the powers might to censor us, control us, ice [...]

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In Brand Communications, Evolution is Better than Revolution

Following months of speculation about whether Twitter m [...]

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Let Them See Through You (Or at Least Your Logo)

We are not even three months into 2016 and already it s [...]

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How Fox Sports 1 Dropped the Ball

The media landscape has never been as fragmented as it [...]

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