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Business & Executive Transitions

Business & Executive Transitions

A company experiences several meaningful events over the course of its lifecycle, many of which require thoughtful communication. CEO and senior executive changes, facility closures, M&A transactions, workforce reductions, rebranding initiatives, spin-outs and reorganizations are just a few of the significant transitions Stanton helps companies manage effectively.

Beyond the Press Release

Any major change within a company creates a variety of possible outcomes and reactions to consider and plan for, beyond an official announcement. Stanton works with senior leadership teams, corporate task forces, outside counsel and other advisors to develop comprehensive communications strategies that ensure our clients are fully prepared. We apply our decades of experience to create the right strategy to optimize positive impact and mitigate negative perceptions.

Stanton equips you with the marketing, digital, public relations, social media, printed collateral, direct communications and proactive media strategies and tools you need to effectively communicate the next stage of your company’s evolution. Taking control of the conversation from the start is the best way to assure your priorities do not get lost in the details of a major transition.


Key Deliverables

  • Audience-specific digital, written and verbal communications

  • Comprehensive launch plans

  • Branding/rebranding and messaging

  • Media strategy and execution

  • Collateral creation and enhancement

  • Website creation and improvement

  • Follow-on marketing communications programs