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Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Bankruptcy filings and restructurings require special knowledge and a thoughtful approach to manage reputations and stakeholder relations over the short and long terms. Stanton develops and implements proactive plans that help address the unique needs of varied internal and external audiences.

From Crisis to Opportunity

The prospect of filing for bankruptcy or undergoing a major financial restructuring can feel like a crisis scenario for many corporate executives. However, Stanton approaches these situations as communications opportunities that can be planned for — and often leveraged to enhance relationships and reputations when handled correctly.

We have deep expertise partnering with companies of many sizes across multiple sectors undergoing bankruptcy and restructurings. We know the details of the financial process and develop customized messages and activities that address the concerns of employees, vendors, customers, third party partners, investors and the media. We apply this extensive experience to help clients plan ahead for potential outcomes and execute effective communication plans.

Key Deliverables

  • Message development

  • Media strategy and execution

  • Detailed activity timelines

  • Audience-specific video, written and verbal communications

  • Collateral creation and enhancement

  • Follow-on marketing plans

  • Social media and press monitoring