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  • Increasing awareness to gain greater market share for clients.
    Increasing awareness to gain greater market share for clients.
  • Insight. Strategy. Execution. Results.
    Insight. Strategy. Execution. Results.
  • Multi-channel content marketing programs with impact.
    Multi-channel content marketing programs with impact.
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    Integrating communications with business strategy.

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  • "ACL has undergone a number of significant changes over the past few years, and Stanton PRM has been a valuable partner throughout the process. From thinking through how we position the business to communicating our expanded focus to the industry, we rely on Stanton PRM to help us achieve our business goals."

    Craig Clark
    Director of Marketing, ACL
  • "The Stanton team has been a terrific communications partner. They are adept at collaborating with our investment professionals, as well as our portfolio company management teams to manage complex communications, enhancing our reputation and generating successful results."
    Rich Lawson
    Managing Director and CEO, HGGC
  • "We’ve had a long standing relationship with Stanton PRM. The firm has played an important role guiding us through communication issues and activities. From leading some of our training initiatives to generating national visibility for our small business lending/education program, we can always count on Stanton PRM to deliver a unique combination of high-level strategy, execution and results."
    Michelle Sullivan
    Director of Corporate Communications and External Relations, The Boston Beer Company


Brand Casualty

It’s happened more often than you’d think… you spend months developing the “perfect” campaign launch, event or media tour for a client and, that morning, tragedy strikes. Suddenly,...

Stanton PRM's Ch...

Charlyn Lusk, one of Stanton PRM's managing directors, was recently asked by the Wall Street Journal to weigh in on Disney's response to a recent tragedy at one of...

One Door Closes

In 2017, spending on digital advertisement is set to eclipse television – 38.4 percent to 35.8 percent. Contrast this for a second with the 38% of internet users...


Following months of speculation about whether Twitter might significantly expand the maximum number of characters allowed in posts, recently the micro blogging network formally announced some more modest...